Hi. My name is Simeon.

I have worked with farming and homesteading since 2003. Since 2016 I have shared our homesteading journey with millions on YouTube.

Today our Swedish Homestead YouTube channel has become well known in large parts of the homesteading community all over the world. We have been privileged to inspire thousands and help many others pursue their own dreams.

Our personal journey has been one of trial and error. We have often ourselves longed to have a mentor to guide us through this process.

Now I want to help you. Let me be your mentor!


Watch this video to find out how we can come alongside you as you pursue your homesteading dream.


As you probably know, excitement and passion are not the only things you need for your homesteading dream to come to fruition.

Experience has shown us the most important thing you need is a strategic plan. This will help you successfully transition into your new life, making it sustainable both financially and emotionally.

Even with this plan, you will still need to know how to tackle various homesteading tasks. This includes operations like keeping livestock, gardening or selling your products.

This will lay the foundation for you to turn your new life into a better life with more freedom and self-sufficiency.

After more than 16 years of farming experience we have a wealth of knowledge that you can benefit from. We can help you create a strategic plan for your own life/dream through our consulting sessions.


What's your refund and cancelation policy?

Rescheduling: When you schedule your appointment you will receive a confirmation email that contains the details of your session with Simeon. You can reschedule your session at anytime up to 24 hours before your scheduled session time by sending us an email. After that, your session is locked in and cannot be changed nor refunded. Refunds: We will issue a full refund up to 24 hours before your session. There are no refunds after the service has been rendered. Cancellations can be made by sending an email to swedishhomestead@gmail.com Late Shows: If you’re late to your meeting, Simeon will wait for 15 minutes after the start of your scheduled meeting for you to arrive. After that, he is free to leave the meeting. There are no refunds for arriving late nor will Simeon be able to extend your meeting longer than the scheduled time due to other meetings that may be scheduled after yours.

I want advice but can't afford the consulting fee. What other options are there?

Simeon has written a book called "The Self-Sufficient Homestead", that will walk you through 3 steps that are crucial in preparing you for the homesteading journey. The book is not a "how-to" guide for raising livestock or gardening. It is a workbook to help people transition into the homesteading lifestyle more smoothly. You can find out more about his book by clicking here. If you need mentoring and advice for other tasks and a private consulting session is outside your budget you can become a member of the Swedish Homestead YouTube Channel. As a level 2 or 3 member you will have the chance to be part of monthly LIVE Q&A's where Simeon will hang out with the members and answer their questions. Find out more by clicking here.

Do you visit farms and offer on sight consulting?

No. At the moment Simeon is not offering this service.

Is the consulting session something that I can benefit from?

Simeon has a lot of experience and knowledge in homesteading and small scale agriculture. How much you will get out of the session with him will depend on a few things: 1. How much information you have provided for Simeon before hand. 2. How clear and specific you are about what excactly you need help with. 3. Your capability to implement his advice afterwards. A scheduled session is no garuntee for your success and Simeon cannot guarantee any financial gain or other results on your end, since this depends on many factors out of Simeon's influence and control.

What languages do you consult in?

Simeon is fluent in English, German and Swedish. The scheduled session can be held in any one of those three languages.

I don't live in Sweden. Does Simeon's input help me where I live?

Simeon's knowledge of rules and regulations in regards to farming and homesteading outside of Sweden and the EU are limited. He is no expert in law nor is he an expert in all cultures. The farming principles that he discusses and applies are applicable in almost any climate and country. They are nature based and are scalable from a backyard to a large farm. Simeon's personal experience however is in a cold, nordic climate in northern Europe.

My climate is very different than Sweden's. Does Simeon understand my context?

The farming principles that Simeon works with and shares are scalable and work in many climates. However, his knowledge of climates outside of Sweden in regards to farming is limited. You will have the chance to desribe your context to Simeon in your booking and during your session. Animal behavior and certain ecological principles remain the same in different countries and climates.