On a journey to finding home

We are husband & wife, mom & dad, pastor & pastor’s wife, farmers & homesteaders, YouTubers & bloggers. Our passions are our family, home, healthy food, healing nature, happy customers & the hope found in Jesus.

Ever since we got married and started a family, we’ve been on a journey to finding a life that both fulfills who we are as individuals and what our calling is as a couple. That is how Swedish Homestead was born. We’re so happy you’re here and we can’t wait to help you on your own journey to finding home.



Simeon & Alex



Finding home means to live, not just survive. We don’t want a life that merely sustains us,

we want a life that revives us. We want to live life in a way where every day is fulfilling, every

moment is valued and every step has a purpose. Finding home is a daily pursuit for us, and

we welcome you to follow us along on our journey.


Our hearts burn for healing and restoration. Through our efforts we want to be part of healing land and lives, and help others on their journey to finding a life of joy and health. Our vision is to be a farm that supplies healthy and delicious food, that restores biodiversity, creates soil-life and provides for the well-being of our customers. We also want to spread this hope and knowledge with a new generation of farmers who also want to be part of this journey.